VP?Bank Group is a global private bank focused on rendering asset management services for -private individuals and financial intermediaries. Its workforce of more than 800 employees, across five locations, admin-isters client assets of CHF 46 billion.

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A new CRM Software Plus a Core Banking System

The corporate culture of VP Bank regards customer management as a crucial factor in ensuring long-term customer satisfaction. The bank was seeking a new Customer Relationship Management software to improve the counseling for their private and corporate clients as well as intermediaries. Simultaneously, a new core banking system was implemented and connected to the CRM system.


New Software Replaces In-House Development.

The new customer relationship management system was to replace the system developed in-house. Two main requirements regarding the new software were multi-tenant capability and stand-alone data management at each of the bank’s global sites. Furthermore, the bank attached great importance to the concept of individual authorization to secure the safety of sensitive client data.


  • Implementation of a new customer management solution with a tight schedule
  • Connection to a new core banking system at international sites
  • 12 months from kickoff to rollout

Better Support for Relationship Managers

Most important objective of the new implementation was providing support to the relationship manager during the advising process. In addition to providing a comprehensive documentation of the relationship with the client – in part, to meet regulatory requirements – the system was expected to provide active support to the advisor in other areas, such as open issue management.?The workflows were designed to help reduce the throughput time and implement standard processes. This resulted in a noticeably better quality of advice for the customer. In sum, the solution entailed:

  • Depiction of the complete customer profile
  • Generation of MiFID documentation
  • Workflow and evaluation capability


months from kickoff to rollout


new software systems at the same time


Easy Synchronization of Data; High Acceptability with RMs

The implementation of the CRM and the core banking system took place at the same time?– a big challenge for the entire team. Since both systems possessed a similar data model, it made synchronization of the data easy. The project had an ambitious schedule: 12 months from kickoff to rollout. The front-end ?power users“ played an important role. They defined the requirements, tested the system and conducted the training. Due to early integration of all users, as well as intense training sessions, the new joint system is highly accepted by relationship managers, administrators and top management.

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