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TeamBank AG is a financial institution that sells installment loans under the easyCredit brand, which is one of the most successful consumer loans in Germany. The company is based in Nuremberg, and serves more than 830,000 customers.

Scoring and rating for consumer loans

Central Decision Platform in Consumer Lending

The core product for consumer loans ?easyCredit“ is available from 88 percent of all German cooperative banks. Team Bank started a project aimed at unifying decision models for scoring and rating of consumer loans on one single platform.


Centralized Platform for All Decisions

Team Bank AG used to have a wide range of decisioning systems for different application areas. Maintenance of these systems was time-consuming and resource-intensive due to the heterogeneous IT landscape.


  • Replacing all existing decision systems with a single state-of-the-art rules-based platform
  • Reducing resources for the maintenance of the decision models
  • Covering all key processes for loan origination

Decision Models on One Platform

TeamBank AG has opted for ACTICO Rules. This platform automates creditworthiness reviews (scoring) and classifications (rating) for TeamBank’s easyCredit installment lending, thus supporting the entire credit decisioning process. Key characteristics of the solution:

  • ACTICO Rules is used a central decisioning software
  • Import and processing of data from credit bureaus
  • Risk evaluation (scoring)
  • Automated credit decisions and determining terms and conditions

Integrated Credit Decisioning

ACTICO’s business rules management system was implemented for the entire easyCredit credit decisioning process, making it seamless. This included, for instance, scorecards, which use a wide variety of data e.g. key data on risk evaluation, budget accounting, and reviews of all legal and internal company directives. Connections to external data sources for credit information and external scores are used to refine the scorecard and increase the reliability of risk prognoses.

Credit Risk Decisioning

Optimizing the decisioning system across the entire credit management process

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