Market Abuse & Insider Dealing Detection

ACTICO MAID identifies patterns related to market manipulation and market abuse in securities trading. The aim of automated monitoring is to identify market manipulation and prevent market abuse. It recognizes abnormal behaviour patterns that indicate market manipulation, along with abusive practices such as wash trades and improper matched orders.

  • Covers a wide range of market manipulation scenarios
  • Also checks complex underlying instruments

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Key Features

Monitoring Securities Trading for Market Manipulation and Abuse

Monitoring Using Standard Scenarios

All securities and stock market trading is continuously reviewed for patterns and scenarios that indicate market manipulation or abusive practices. ACTICO MAID triggers a clarification whenever it recognizes abnormal transactions or behaviour patterns such as wash trades and improper matched orders.


ACTICO MAID supports clarification with comprehensive case management and workflows. It triggers a clarification if it recognizes suspicious transactions or behaviour patterns during its daily tracking of securities trading.

Configurable Monitoring

You can submit a scanning request in ACTICO MAID in order to monitor complex situations. For example, you can filter certain securities or issuers. It is possible to monitor the trading behaviour of individuals and groups.

The ACTICO Approach

Digital Monitoring of the Fast-Moving, Difficult-to-Manage Trading Business

Machine Learning

Use machine learning to identify new market manipulation scenarios and unusual securities order.

Standard Rules That Are Easy to Customize

Detect market manipulation with customizable standard rules.

Compliance Suite

ACTICO Compliance Suite – eine leistungsstarke Software für das Compliance & Fraud Management

Machine Learning

Machine learning is able to recognize previously undetected patterns. It makes it possible to recognize known patterns with greater precision and avoids the need to clarify false positives. ACTICO’s Machine Learning module brings together the expertise of compliance managers as reflected in rules and the empirical knowledge that is gained from data. As a component of the Compliance Suite, ACTICO Machine Learning integrates seamlessly with the other functional modules.

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Standard Rules That Are Easy to Customize

ACTICO MAID provides a set of standard scenarios that can be customized to your needs. The rules are easy to adjust so that you have the agility to respond to changes. Individual scenarios can also be defined, and a hit triggers a clarification. You have the flexibility to adjust the rules for detecting market manipulation, along with market abuse scenarios

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Compliance Suite

ACTICO Compliance Suite is a powerful software for compliance and fraud management. All the relevant information comes together in this single application, which handles all necessary tasks, such as clarifying hits, storing documents and producing regular reports.

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Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Powerful Standard Software

With ACTICO MAID, you have all the benefits of industry-proven standard software. It is quick and easy to implement thanks to standard models for monitoring market manipulation.

Flexible and Adjustable

ACTICO MAID can be adapted to suit your specific requirements. Insider trading scenarios can be enhanced still further by using ACTICO Rules and ACTICO Machine Learning.

Total Compliance

ACTICO MAID helps financial institutions and insurers to implement and comply with regulatory requirements in securities trading as stipulated in relevant legislation, including MAD II/MAR.

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ACTICO MAID, the compliance software for detecting unusual trading patterns.

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